Sunday, December 12, 2010

Daves Faves 2010

Here it is.  This was a fun one to put together.  I hadn't realized how "electrified" my selections were this year until putting this together.  Enjoy it here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

2010 Album Faves

I can't spend too much time on this for a few reasons. 1) my head will explode 2) my first born is due to arrive tomorrow and I got bigger fish to fry... sort of.
At any rate, as I put the finishing touches on my 2010 Mix here are the albums that stand out as my faves for the year (in no particular order)...

Beach House - Teen Dream

Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Bonobo - Black Sands

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

and for good measure...

Chromeo - Business Casual

Saturday, December 4, 2010

KEXP Volume 6

KEXP's most recent live in-studio comp is amazing. Buy it.
Buy Live Volume Six Now

KEXP: Vote for Year's Top Albums

Tough year for all the right reasons. I'm workin' on my list now. More to come.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sound on the Sound

Just discovered this new blog. Love it.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Not sure how I missed this but apparently Cantoma released a new album earlier this year- Out of Town. I have only given it a brief listen but I am thrilled to add this to my library as their first, self titled album has been the soundtrack to just about every zen, down tempo moment I have enjoyed over the past few years. I have fond memories of watching the sunset on the edge of the rain forest in Costa Rica, laying in the hammock with Colleen on our honeymoon in Barbados, hangin out on the patio for a summer bbq, and wiping the cobwebs away on many a hazy weekend mornings to these guys. I'm lovin' that my atmospheric chillout mix just got extended...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sufjan's Impossible Soul

I have now spent enough time with Sufjan Stevens' new album Age of Adz to not only appreciate it, but love it. For me, it has been the hardest album to get into as it is his most schizophrenic, exploratory project to date. It's one of those albums that you can't put on to suite your mood. Rather, you must let go of yourself and step inside Sufjan's world and let him take you where he will. My favorite song on the album is the last: Impossible Soul. If you didn't know, you'd think this single song is the entire album. At 25 minutes it takes you from Sufjan's soft signature emo-orchestration, up through an episode of auto-tuned cyberstaticity, on to some sort of high school musical group sing along, and back down and out with his more familiar stripped down acoustic stylings. It's a trip, but a journey worth taking. Here it is in parts:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Discovering Music

I've had a bunch of folks ask where I hear new music. These queries have inspired me to compile a list of the sources I turn to for hearing something new. Would love to hear more about yours...

KEXP Duh, the BEST RADIO STATION EVUH. We're lucky to have this amazing resource on our airwaves in Seattle at 90.3 fm. Good news is for those of you around the world, this is way more than a radio station and is online in a major way. It's web resources have real-time and archive streaming which allow you to tune in live or go back and listen to all the great shows, in-studios and check out playlists and music charts. Definitely worth exploring the site if you never have. You can usually count on their Top 10 as winners for your listening pleasure on any given day. They even have a pretty cool iPhone playlist app if you're one of those people.

Rhapsody: I still can't believe more people aren't using Rhapsody. It is relatively cheap, has great music selection, and with the iPhone and Android apps you truly have access to pretty much any song, any time, any where. For those who don't know, it is an online music database that you subscribe to. When you log into your account you have access to millions of artists, albums, and songs. You can save the music you like to your library (personal database) and create playlists you can access from anywhere. You're allowed to access library and playlists through 3 computers (most likely home, office and laptop) as well as a mobile device (phone). One of my favorite features is pretty simple: playlists. At the beginning of each season I create a playlist for whatever I listen to over the next 4 months. Additionally, I have another playlist for my favorite tracks: an easy way to keep a musical diary of sorts, and make the process of creating the end-of-year Daves Faves playlist. Even going back and listening to the winter playlist from this year is nostalgic. Other helpful features for discovering new music are the Pandora-like radios stations on Rhapsody, the "contemporaries" and "influences" links under each artist which link you to other related artists you may like.

Pandora This is the compromise between the control you have with, say Rhapsody and a standard radio station. This program seems to have made big improvements in recent years for controlling how far astray your station will go. 4 or 5 years ago I swear that all roads led to Elton John. Nowadays I can put on Passion Pit and not find myself an hour later singing along to "The Circle of Life."

New Music Tipsheet After Checking Rhapsodies new releases each Tuesday morning, I go hear to check out what has been released. Then, I head back to Rhapsody and add the albums I want to listen to, to my playlist. This is the best weekly source I have found although it doesn't have the real obscure stuff. If you have a better source that's updated often, let me know!

Perfect Shuffle I was turned on to this blog by a friend in Amsterdam. On the Perfect Shuffle section, this guy puts together great playlists of current and classic music which you can (whisper) download. The rest of his blog is pretty dang good too. It's in Dutch, but you can translate it with the click of a button if you need to.

Pitchfork Great music news and reviews. Not much for listening, but great for getting in the loop and learning/ discovering more.

Last FM I'll be honest, I haven't used this a bunch because with all the other resources listed above I don't really need to. That said, it is pretty good and worth checking out.

Friends I am fortunate to have some great music friends: the kind that can't wait to share something that they just discovered, a song or album they are certain will "change your life." You know who you are. I really do love it when somebody tells me "you gotta hear this." I love to know that somebody is as excited about music as much as I am and that they thought of me when they heard something they loved. So, share the love with others, cuz, even though I know I am likely in the hole lately with a few of you, you gotta give to get. Good news is Daves Faves 2010 is coming soon and is gonna be totally rad...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Arcade Fire

Great show at The Key 10.29.10 (all things considered). My son's 2 1/2th show after Beach House opened for Vampire Weekend (who cancelled after making us wait an hour) at Marymoor and Pavement at the Paramount which was great. Not bad for a -.25 year old.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to the Future

Chromeo: Hot Mess
Step inside the DeLorean and get launched back to whenever the future was. It's totally awesome. Good news is, you really do have the touch screen computer and pocket phone. Bad news is, you don't fit your skinny jeans like you use to.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boom Boom for da Womb

Been distracted getting ready for this little guy growing inside Colleen. Just as for everything else in life, and so long as this boy is actually mine, I figured a playlist to put him to bed and wake him up in the morning was in order. I've heard that the sounds that a babies hear in the womb will be the ones that will comfort them in the future. I haven't read up on this theory, but the doctor side of our union has confirmed that more constant, pulsating, rhythmic sounds are soothing for developing life because they are similar to the sounds heard inside the womb. With that, I have created the following playlist for Jr. as he gets ready for his world tour (due to kick off Dec. 6th).

Dave Brubek- Take Five

Bakra Bata- Pachelbel's Canon (Steel Drum Version)

Bob Marley- Natural Mystic

Cantoma- Marisi

Bonobo- Noctuary

Finley Quaye- Even After All

Telepopmusik- Breathe

Boozoo Bajou- Yma

Manu Chao- Me Gustas Tu

Friday, May 28, 2010

Winter 2010 Faves

World News Local Natives
Ambling Alp Yeasayer
The Ghost Inside Broken Bells
Stylo (Album Version) (Feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack) Gorillaz
Bejan Tanlines
Who Makes Your Money Spoon
Alley Cats Hot Chip
Liar Dragonette
Walkabout [w/ Noah Lennox] Atlas Sound
A Heat Rash In The Shape Of The Show Me State; Or, Letters From Me To Charlotte Los Campesinos!
C'Mon The Soft Pack
Fast Jabroni Surfer Blood
The Stranger RJD2
Giving Up The Gun Vampire Weekend
Take Care Beach House
Open Up A Window Sean Hayes
Finish Line Fanfarlo
On a Frozen Beach Feral Children
Carries On Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) Massive Attack

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daves Faves 2005-2009

I've been sleepin on this blog for quite a while now. So, before I pick things up again, here's a backlog of the past few years of faves. More to come soon. Enjoy...


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daves Faves- Decade (2000-2009)

I took a look back at my my first 10 years of the 2000's. Looking through my musical lens (for better or worse) here's what I saw...

1. Lose You- Pete Yorn
2. Don't Panic- Coldplay
3. Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz
4. Lebanese Blonde- Thievery Corporation
5. Me Gustas Tu- Manu Chao
6. A Lo Cubano- Orishas
7. Una Musica Brutal- Gotan Project
8. Seville- Pinback
9. Butterfly- Mason Jennings
10. Breakdown- Handsome Boy Modeling School/ Jack Johnson
11. Freedom- Jurassic 5
12. Heavy Metal Drummer- Wilco
13. Gravity Rides Everything- Modest Mouse
14. The Way That He Sings- My Morning Jacket
15. New Slang- The Shins
16. California Waiting- Kings of Leon
17. We Will Become Sillouettes- The Postal Service
18. This is How I Feel- Finley Quaye
19. Tables and Chairs- Andrew Bird
20. Misread- The Kings of Convenience
21. Hit the Switch- Bright Eyes
22. Wake Up- Arcade Fire
23. All These Things That I've Done- The Killers
24. Burnt Offering- Blue Scholars
25. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!!- Sufjan Stevens
26. The Funeral- Band of Horses
27. Song Writes Itself- Pela
28. Hi-Fi- M.Ward
29. Liar- Built to Spill
30. Hallelujah- The Helio Sequence
31. Normandie- Shout Out Louds
32. Paris 2004- Peter Bjorn & John
33. Come to Me- Koop
34. Etoile- Cantoma
35. Paper Planes- M.I.A.
36. Slow Show- The National
37. Skinny Love- Bon Iver
38. Electric Feel- MGMT
39. My Girls- Animal Collective
40. Sleepyhead- Passion Pit

(The goals was to not include duplicate tracks from other year's Faves)