Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rhapsody Commercial

So the final Rhapsody commercials I'm featured in will start airing tonight on MTV networks. It was a memorable process to go through and it's been fun to see how they all turned out. The Rhapsody team, and MTV film crew were excellent. Director Brennan Stasiewicz did a great job capturing the "moments" and maintaining a sense of authenticity other such "reality" spots often lack.
If your interested, check out more of my thoughts on the commercial spot and music in general on the real networks blog.
Also, you can look for my Daves Faves 2009 playlist on Rhapsody Playlist Central next week!

A little background on this one. This is the spot where they'd give me a song to look up and describe a moment it would be perfect for. The reason I look so confused at first is because, well, I am. Just before the Lamb of God song shown, I was listening to and describing mellow, sentimental stuff like Bon Iver, etc. So the sound of shredding metal was a shocker no doubt! The only thing I could think of was the guy at the corner store we call Heavy Metal. Every time we walk into the store he's blasting some hard core death metal that gives a good jolt to the system; just like this moment! I hope Metal don't mind the reference!

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